What other games are like coin master

Today I am covering what other games are like coin master.

Coin Master is a very interesting game and we love it when we play.

that’s why we go to Google and search if there are any games like coin master

and it’s our fan question.

basis of this question I am creating this content for my users.

I have listed 7 games like coin master you can also enjoy when you play this game.

Pirate Kings:

In Pirate Kings, you embark on a pirate adventure to build and upgrade your own islands. You can spin the wheel for treasures, attack other players’ islands, and defend your own from attacks. It shares some core gameplay elements with Coin Master.

Board Kings:

This game combines elements of board games and city-building. You roll the dice, move around the board, and upgrade your properties. It offers a unique blend of strategy and luck.

Piggy Go – Around The World:

Piggy Go takes you on a journey around the world, where you can explore different themed islands, collect landmarks, and spin for rewards. The game shares the spinning and building mechanics seen in Coin Master.

Village City -Island Simulation:

While not directly a spinning game, Village City focuses on building and managing your own city on an island. It’s more about city management and resource allocation, but it might appeal to Coin Master players looking for a similar theme.

Pirate Treasures –

Gems Puzzle: If you enjoy the puzzle aspect of Coin Master’s slot machine, Pirate Treasures offers a different take with gem-matching puzzles. Solve puzzles to progress and explore the pirate world.

Merge Dragons!:

This game combines puzzle-solving with city-building. You merge items to create new objects and build your dragon camp. While it’s not a spinning game, it offers a strategic and puzzle-solving element that some Coin Master players may find enjoyable.


Gardenscapes is a match-3 puzzle game with a story where you restore a beautiful garden. It doesn’t have spinning mechanics, but it offers a fun and rewarding gameplay experience.

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